‘Numbered’ Single And More Live Dates

NEWS: Next Friday 21.8. we’ll be publishing the third single from our debut album ‘Planted Feet’ as a 3 track digital release on Spotify and all other major platforms.

‘But your days are numbered..’

The song is titled ‘Numbered’ and it’ll be released alongside live versions of ‘Fantastically Incorporated’ and ‘The Truth Is So Dead’ which have been recorded in Finland in January this year. 😎

We’ve also got shows coming up in Helsinki on 18.8, 28.8 and 27.9. We’ll follow those up with a show in Kuopio on 21.11. if all is well with the health situation! 😁

18.8 is this coming Tuesday! So let’s see you there at Taikurin Hattu, Helsinki. Check here for all live dates.