Old Money – Out 26.3.

Our second single of 2021 ‘Old Money’ is taking us back to a heavier sound. The soundscape is rich with the wonder of open lands deserted by reason, lands that have become ripe for an uprising. Old Money is rarely a good thing but we think you’ll enjoy this up-tempo song when it comes out on Friday 26.3. Make sure to pre-save the track on Spotify through this link https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/frozenfactory/old-money-3 (it’s easy and it’ll put the track straight into your library on release day so it’s ready for you to listen to!).

Christmas Craziness

Christmas Crazy! It certainly has been!

We have to say a quick sorry because somehow our distributor hasn’t been able to get our new song onto streaming services in time for the release date! We cannot explain it and have no good answer for when it will be available on Spotify etc… however, we couldn’t come up with nothing tonight! So we pushed forward our music video by a couple of days!Here it is! Delivered with all our energy and hopes for you to have a great holiday season despite the difficulties of 2020!

Pictures from the road

We’ve just played our first two live dates since the Spring. They were both a blast. Here’s some pictures, first from Taikurin Hattu in Helsinki, Finland and then from Rock Bear in Korso, Finland. 😎✌️

‘Numbered’ Single And More Live Dates

NEWS: Next Friday 21.8. we’ll be publishing the third single from our debut album ‘Planted Feet’ as a 3 track digital release on Spotify and all other major platforms.

‘But your days are numbered..’

The song is titled ‘Numbered’ and it’ll be released alongside live versions of ‘Fantastically Incorporated’ and ‘The Truth Is So Dead’ which have been recorded in Finland in January this year. 😎

We’ve also got shows coming up in Helsinki on 18.8, 28.8 and 27.9. We’ll follow those up with a show in Kuopio on 21.11. if all is well with the health situation! 😁

18.8 is this coming Tuesday! So let’s see you there at Taikurin Hattu, Helsinki. Check here for all live dates.