The second episode of our Insta-Live Sunday Chat

Marianne, Tomi, and Stephen chat about our newly-released record ‘The First Liquidation EP’ before talking about how Marianne joined us, how we became musicians, if we’ve had music lessons, and how our families support us.

In our new series of Insta-live chats you’ll get behind the scenes knowledge of what it’s like to be in a band like ours. We’ll answer your questions each Sunday and chat about things that we experience through our band and other life.

The First Liquidation EP Is Out

Depending where you are in the world, it’s either out this moment or it’s out in the next few hours! Take it in and let us know how you feel about the experience by commenting or shooting us a DM on our socials. We’re really proud to get the record to this point and thank you all for your continued support! Spread the word!

Find it on Spotify here:
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Lyrics here:

Here’s a few clips from the record!

We hit IG-Live to Chat About Our New ‘EP’

The ‘Sunday Chat’ with Frozen Factory will be a regular event in the future. Here is the first ever episode where we talk about our upcoming record ‘The First Liquidation EP’ and invite our guest Vincent Parkkonen to talk about his cameo appearance as a newsreader. The episode includes a couple of samples from unreleased tracks.

New EP Out 28.5.

We are delighted to announce that our new EP titled ‘The First Liquidation EP’ will be released on Friday the 28th of May this year. The EP features 8 tracks, 6 of which are fully fledged songs with the other 2 providing the intro and outro, continuing our signature story-telling sound. We will be discussing more about ‘The First Liquidation EP’ soon but for now here’s the coverart (by our singer Stephen) and the tracklist to get your appetite wet.

Pre-save the EP here:


1. The Alternate Missed
2. Au Contraire (feat. Madeleen)
3. Hour Of Need
4. Old Money
5. Two Dads
6. When You’ve Grown
7. You
8. An Improbable Flame

And yes track 2 features the French language 😎

Old Money – Out 26.3.

Our second single of 2021 ‘Old Money’ is taking us back to a heavier sound. The soundscape is rich with the wonder of open lands deserted by reason, lands that have become ripe for an uprising. Old Money is rarely a good thing but we think you’ll enjoy this up-tempo song when it comes out on Friday 26.3. Make sure to pre-save the track on Spotify through this link (it’s easy and it’ll put the track straight into your library on release day so it’s ready for you to listen to!).

Christmas Craziness

Christmas Crazy! It certainly has been!

We have to say a quick sorry because somehow our distributor hasn’t been able to get our new song onto streaming services in time for the release date! We cannot explain it and have no good answer for when it will be available on Spotify etc… however, we couldn’t come up with nothing tonight! So we pushed forward our music video by a couple of days!Here it is! Delivered with all our energy and hopes for you to have a great holiday season despite the difficulties of 2020!