Introducing Our New Drummer Marianne

Quietly we’ve been looking for the right drummer to join our future adventures, to raise the bar with us and to go the distance together with us. We put our heads down and looked carefully and now the time has come to celebrate a new member of Frozen Factory!

We’d like to welcome onboard our amazing new drummer Marianne Heikkinen. Marianne came to our attention when we found an online video of her playing some Muse with a hugely fierce energy and precision. We knew immediately that we’d found someone with the qualities that are ideal for Frozen Factory. Everything seemed to fall into place naturally as the first conversations with Marianne were fun and productive. We were soon planning rehearsals together and talking about longer term musical goals. Marianne is already involved in the pre-production of our second album, more details of which will come in due course.

Marianne Heikkinen

Marianne tells some of her thoughts about joining Frozen Factory

“We’ve been rehearsing two times now and it’s been amazing. The energy of this band is on a very high level now, and I can’t wait to hit the stage and studio with my brothers in the close future so you’ll see what I’m talking about⚡

I have a very good feeling about this and I’m very honoured to be a part of this band now.

We have lots of great things coming in the near future so I suggest that you keep your eyes on us!
In the meantime, I also recommend you to listen to the debut album ‘Planted feet’ on Spotify and on other streaming services🔥”

A quick ‘Rock Shot’ after rehearsal with Stephen and Tomi.

Make sure to follow Marianne’s adventures with us and her other projects through her social media channels.

Marianne’s YouTube Channel:

Marianne’s Instagram:

Marianne’s Facebook Page:

A word about Eetu, the fantastic drummer on our self titled 3 track debut record and debut album ‘Planted Feet’. To make a long story short, our great friend and inspiring musician Eetu Pesu is no longer able to continue with Frozen Factory and instead he becomes an awesome part of our history and a permanent member of our band family. Thank you so much for everything dude!

We’ve been enjoying this post-release period after ‘Planted Feet’ so much that we didn’t want to officially change the vibe by making all of this public until the last moment. Eetu recently released a video of him recording drums for Frozen Factory’s track ‘The Truth Is So Dead’ which you will find at the bottom of this post. Make sure to follow Eetu’s socials to keep up with his latest projects including a return to the Delta Enigma band.

Eetu’s YouTube:

Eetu’s Instagram:

Eetu’s Facebook:

Eetu records ‘The Truth Is So Dead’

Here’s to the future! 😎✌️

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