Pix666.de Interviews us about ‘Planted Feet’ and the pandemic

This in depth interview with each of us includes for example…

Pix666: Recently your debut album ‘Planted Feet’ has been released. How satisfied are you with your work?

Stephen: Personally I’m very happy to get such a great start with Frozen Factory, this was our first album together and I’m really excited to build on this foundation.

Tomi: Very happy about it! After mixing I didn’t listen to it at all until now but now when I did it felt so good!

Mici: Very satisfied, long process finally in the covers.

Eetu: I’m very happy and satisfied with the result. Maybe the best album where I have played in my life!

Read more by visiting this link http://pix666.de/quickie-of-the-week-frozen-factory-interview-june-2020/

The interview is also available in German from http://pix666.de/quickie-der-woche-frozen-factory-interview-juni-2020/

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