Planted Feet is out, so what’s it about?

Our debut album ‘Planted Feet’ is out now. Stephen our singer and main lyricist wanted to publish his ‘elevator speeches’ for you all. These short texts give a very quick idea of what each song is about.

Our debut album hit digital services worldwide at midnight.

Whilst you’re reading these you can listen to the album on Spotify from here or search for the album on your favourite service. Lyrics can be found here.

  1. Planted Feet – This short introduction song gives a lot of clues about the theme of the album. I wanted to question the wisdom of those who choose to or are forced to root their feet in the ground about any subject, refusing to explore other viewpoints. I also wanted to recognise that there are those who wish to profit from more people being closed minded.
  2. Tiresome Times – Here I wanted to suggest that we could do better as a species, can this direction we’re taking really be beneficial in the big picture? The daily horror of world events and the grinding work routines that consume our lives, are they really a reasonable price for economic growth or should we focus on well being?
  3. Numbered – (Adapted from Tomi’s lyrics) Here I’ve tried to represent a character that seems all too familiar these days. Damaged by a tough childhood and offered an easy road to power, this is a man who behaves destructively at a great cost to others. I wanted to send a message that the power gained should ultimately transfer to the masses and that there must be a limit to our patience with abusive rulers.
  4. Hammer – In tune with the heavy feel of this track I imagined the human race being handed a powerful tool from birth, a tool to shape the world into anything imaginable. As humans we are uniquely faced with the choice of how we impact everything we touch, for better or for worse we can mould our environment with ever increasing magnitude.
  5. Fantastically Incorporated – People have integrated their lives deeper and deeper into the digital realm as it has developed into a globally connected super bank of entertainment. Look at it how you will, good thing or bad thing. One thing is for sure, it certainly suits those who wish to use you as a source of income and keeping a feel for where it all starts and ends will get ever harder.
  6. I Caught The Sun – (Adapted from Tomi’s lyrics) Have you ever heard someone say that they’re glad that climate change will bring them “more dream summers” in their traditionally mild country? Are we really planning to delight in Mediterranean weather whilst the unluckiest residents of Earth fight for their lives? It seems many are already celebrating such a disaster.
  7. The Truth Is So Dead – Echoing the linguistic style of an infamous current world leader, this song explores the bombast of religious undertones in anti-science and misinformation. How many lies before it feels true?
  8. Quit – (Adapted from Tomi’s lyrics) Political power across the world is concentrated generally amongst ill behaving and greedy individuals, groups and corporations. This song is a call to quit it, our kids deserve a better future and frankly we all deserve a better present day.
  9. End Me – I wanted to portray mankind as an abusive lover, Earth is therefore the unfortunate abused partner in this case. As we literally poison, suffocate and decimate the environment, we are hard pushed to claim we live in a loving relationship with our home planet. The song leaves you with a vision of wide eyes, either open to reality or dead to the pain, you decide.
  10. By The Way – (Adapted from Tomi’s lyrics) After ‘End Me’ I wanted to have an answer from the Earth about humanity’s current activities, so this song goes some way towards what I imagine it’d tell us. In essence the message is that Earth will continue happily without us if needed. Many of us seem to imagine this strange scenario but I honestly hope we’re better than that.
  11. Life Found Away – As masses of people move great distances across borders looking for survival, I wanted to make their plight relatable to modern first-worlders using the human fantasy of finding a new planet to live on. “At the cusp of certain death you’d reach even to the stars for a gulp of freedom’s breath”, so it’s understandable that some would travel across Earthly borders for theirs.
  12. Uproot – Following on from the intro track ‘Planted Feet’ here is my thoughts on how being careful with our impact and considerate of all life is a huge strength as we develop ourselves as humans going forward.

Thanks for taking the time to get deeper into the meaning of our new album! Let us know your thoughts!

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