Extra Meaning Without Extra Minutes: Slick crossover prog from Finland.

Inspired by the drama of prog but preferring the tight structure of alt-rock, Frozen Factory is a band for alternative fans who love finding a deeper meaning, especially after repeated listens. The band aims to stir your emotions as you visualize and interpret the songs, encouraging you to experience their personal take on human issues. Many arrangements feature atmospheric synth, supported by sound fx, designed to feed your imagination. These soundscapes are built from a love of the vivid musical worlds of great artists like Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Alice in Chains, and Depeche Mode, to name a few. In Frozen Factory’s musical world, you’ll find a diverse mix of heavy and light themes that always remain melodic. The band has published 90+ minutes of their own engaging and arty alt-rock since its formation in December 2018.

On the stage, Frozen Factory uses backing tracks to recreate the atmosphere of the studio tracks; giving the audience a strong sensory experience. The songs are performed with energy and mystique, aiming to hit a sweet spot between a proggy elegance and a rawness found in genres like grunge and metal.

Frozen Factory released The First Liquidation EP on 28.5.2021, their debut album Planted Feet on 12.5.2020, and various other singles and b-sides can be found in their catalogue. The band is currently negotiating future live shows and recording their second album, which is due in early 2022.

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Frozen Factory Band Promo Picture 2020

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