Two Dads (Single), Press Release

Two people separated by luck.

Private Listening:

Location: Helsinki, Finland, Europe

Genre: Alternative rock

Main influences: Alice in Chains, Riverside, Blur, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, & Iron Maiden.

In A Nutshell: This song will appeal to fans of classic rock ballads and provides depth for listeners who enjoy storytelling. The song and the band’s wider catalog also suits fans of crossover prog, exploring heavy and soft elements with atmospheric keys, sound design, and thoughtful storytelling.

Formats: Digital-only on the main streaming/download services.

Track length: 3 minutes 51 seconds.

On Friday 22.1. Frozen Factory will release ‘Two Dads’, an atmospheric ballad about a sobering experience had by singer Stephen whilst commuting on the Helsinki Metro in 2019. The band brings their softer side into full play with this track that builds an emotional backing to the true story. The single belongs to the band’s upcoming 6 track EP titled ‘The First Liquidation EP’. Written in the south of Finland shortly before the pandemic, the song starts with an intimate arrangement that focuses on the piano, bringing you right into the room with the pianist and bassist Tomi. As the track builds there is a growing sense of uneasiness bringing the track to a crescendo with a final message that Stephen felt he could have done more to help the man in need.

Singer Stephen adds.

“We’re extremely pleased to offer this heartfelt track as our first single of 2021. The song is about a time when I was traveling to work. A man asked me for help and I didn’t have any cash with me. We connected on a basic level and there was a moment where I felt like we knew each other and shared many of the same challenges. The big difference though was how lucky I have been in comparison with financial stability, though I’m very far from wealthy. We were two dads with different lives and when I left him behind, I was sorry that I didn’t do more to help him. We’re active with talking to those who follow us, especially on Instagram so please come and say hi and join our mailing list on”

Listening and promo pics: