Duo stuff

While preparing our First album and singles we had some time to make a few extra recordings at one of our homes in Porvoo, Finland. The sessions include only Tomi and Steve this time around who felt compelled first to play around with a cover version of William DuVall’s recent song ‘The Veil Of All My Fears”. The idea with that cover version was to spend a single day learning and recording the song and video. The result was a fun day with some good lessons learnt about productivity on a tight schedule. A few weeks later we decided to try the same process with some of our as yet unused songs and one song penned for our debut album. We took these sessions as another step in our growth and challenged ourselves to rehearse and record all four songs in a day. The result is not so serious, not so polished but we’re pleased to share with you our cover of DuVall’s acoustic masterpiece and two of the songs from our later four song session.

Check them out on YouTube…

Hot fuel!

Frozen Factory’s machines are firing up one by one as we get deeper into recording our new material.

We’ve already completed awesome drums and bass from founding members Eetu and Tomi. The new guys Steve and Mici are now laying down vocal and guitar performances.

There’s a hot fuel in the band’s tank that comes only from belief and inspiration and the results will be shown in the coming months. Stay tuned.


When determination strikes the human race, it creates inspiration and innovation at such a rate that nothing can stop us from reaching our chosen destination as soon as possible.This is a mantra to live by and although we are ‘Frozen’ by name, we’re not standing still for a minute until we follow through with our vision.Where do we find determination? We find it in the moment that we realise something needs to be done.What is our ‘Factory’ producing next? Find out when we break the ice away later this year.