Old Money (Single), Press Release

Nobody should inherit the power to control populations.

Private Listening: https://soundcloud.com/frozenfactorymusic/old-money/s-7zznlKCE7tq
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Frozen-factory-old-money-lyrics

Location: Helsinki, Finland, Europe

Genre: Alternative rock & metal

Main influences: Alice in Chains, Metallica, SOAD, Pink Floyd, Muse & Iron Maiden.

In A Nutshell: This song will appeal to fans of classically heavy songs with meaningful themes performed with drama who like bands such as Iron Maiden, Metallica & System of a Down. The song and the band’s wider catalog also suits fans of crossover prog, exploring heavy and soft elements with atmospheric keys, sound design, and thoughtful storytelling.

Formats: Digital-only on the main streaming/download services.

Track length: 4 minutes 20 seconds.

On Friday 26.3. Frozen Factory will release ‘Old Money’, a high-tempo song about the corrupt nature of inheriting vast amounts of money and power. The band has chosen to present their heavier side with their second single of 2021, after releasing a ballad in January called ‘Two Dads’. Both of these singles belong to the band’s upcoming 6 track EP titled ‘The First Liquidation EP’. Recorded and written in the south of Finland during the pandemic, the song starts with a dramatic and brooding intro that transports the listener to a desolate and distant feeling world where only the rich are allowed to flourish. The track then suddenly picks up the pace and goes on to remind the listener that we already live in that world. Finally after a distorted guitar assault, the theme concludes with the message that having futile solidarity with the people who use the power of old money will never benefit you, only them.

Singer Stephen adds..

“We’ve been working extremely hard since completing our debut album ‘Planted Feet’. We haven’t stood still for a second because we do everything independently. We like it that way so we can keep all the decision-making and skills inside the band. ‘Old Money’ is one of many tracks we’ve been preparing and it’s great to finally get it out there on March 26th. We’re certain that fans of bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, and SOAD will appreciate the chants, drama, and metal vibes as well as our emerging audience of crossover prog fans, some of whom have compared us to a modern-day Pink Floyd. We’re active with talking to those who follow us, especially on Instagram so please come and say hi and join our mailing list on frozenfactorymusic.com.”

Listening and promo pics: