New Music Video For ‘Fantastically Incorporated’

Fantastically Incorporated

Our singer Stephen talks about the song and the video…

This is a mysterious musical story with no ending. You will decide whether the character in the lyrics is in trouble or safe. Many people that have heard the track have commented to me that it has an unusual vibe and it has a strong impact on the imagination. When I first got the demo track from Tomi I felt exactly the same sensation and I knew this song needed lyrics about our complex human minds. We’re spending ever more time with our screens and it’s hard to know what the long term impacts of that will be on us, we can only wonder for now.

We had a blast making the video, as usual with our brilliant videographer Lauri ‘Läpä’ Koivusalo, a brief plan and just a few quick hours. We nearly didn’t make it away from the apartment building when one of the cars tumbled backwards down a small hill (unfortunately not caught on camera) but it didn’t stop us. We went on to find out we’d randomly picked the night of a beautiful lunar eclipse to shoot the video with a couple of new friends who just happened to be by the sea making a fire. They welcomed us to join them and we thank them for being a part of our story and proving that real life is wonderful.

Tomi came up with the idea for the video after hearing my vocals for the song. I’m playing a guy who’s forgotten that his friends are coming to pick him up to hang out by the sea. I’m so engaged in my digital entertainment that it’s hard for my friends to get my attention. Will I manage to join them in reality for a whole evening? Watch the video and find out.

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