Track titles revealed for our debut album ‘Planted Feet’

Last summer we were travelling around the south of Finland having fun making music videos for some songs from our upcoming debut album ‘Planted Feet’ that’s out on the 12th of June!

Our singer Stephen tells a little bit about the picture below…

Getting ready to shoot our music video for ‘End Me’.

“In the picture we were just getting started on our music video for a sinister track called ‘End Me’ that parallels humankind’s treatment of Earth with the behaviour of an abusive lover. The pretty meadow scene contrasts the dark themes within the track. In the same way our beautiful home planet doesn’t always look like the scene of a developing global crisis but you must look below the surface to see the worst of our effects.”

There’s 12 tracks on our debut album and now seems like a great time to tell you the titles before we reveal their meaning later on.

1. Planted Feet
2. Tiresome Times
3. Numbered
4. Hammer
5. Fantastically Incorporated
6. I Caught the Sun
7. The Truth Is So Dead
8. Quit
9. End Me
10. By the Way
11. Life Found Away
12. Uproot

Pre-save or pre-order the album here 😎

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