Just a thought about what’s happening today

We acted quickly to make a small statement about what’s happening in the world right now. A couple of countries have been in the spotlight for choosing to allow corona virus to spread under the guise of building herd immunity in their populations. This action went against the global scientific consensus on managing pandemics and the results appear to be appalling. The idea for this song popped up from a few words jotted down and after a few messages exchanged between our band members the song was recorded separately from our own homes. This was in respect of the situation here in Finland and in accordance with the law regarding our drummer who lives in a different region. The song went from first lyrics to final master in around 48 hours.

Stephen our singer had this to add…

“It seems to me that not all leaders intend to lead you to safety. Some leaders are shifting you around like cash and they’ve no problem with you getting torn apart because there’s plenty of fresh cash in the stash. The people who work the hardest and who support our communities are not found in the offices of these poor leaders. Capitalism has taught us to idolise our abusers and to protect them instinctively whilst being suspicious of our familiars, of our neighbours, of our fellow citizens and human brothers and sisters. We’re accepting a system that takes too much from the many and hands it to the few and I think we can do a lot better. It is capitalism that drives bad leaders to send their own citizens into the face of a deadly disease in order to attempt an outcome that saves their own and their friends’ money.”

Originally published on Youtube 23.03.2020, there has now been a small update to the sound on 8.4.2020.

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