New Single ‘Tiresome Times’ out now worldwide

Our new single Tiresome Times is out now on all major streaming and download services worldwide. This is the first release from our new lineup featuring Stephen Baker on vocals who joined the band in Spring 2019 and Mici Ehnqvist on guitar who joined in Summer 2019. We’re not planning to stop here and this will lead soon to a full album.

Stephen had this to say…

“We’re really excited to release something with this lineup as it feels like we’ve been creating almost non-stop in the background away from other ears. It’s a good time to release this song that was written before the current pandemic crisis but seems to reflect even more strongly the worries of the world right now. I wanted the lyrics to tell about how I have struggled to comprehend a world full of brainwashing news outlets, endless working hours, terrible deals for employees and never ending bills, all of which leave us no happier for the efforts we make. Whilst many of us fake solidarity with the richest people on Earth, those hoarders of wealth repay that blind faith with a kind of selfishness and abuse that is incredibly sad to see. Here’s hoping that common people everywhere get to know each other and unite to give all of us a better life and to protect the very core of life that is our planet.”

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