From left
Tomi Hassinen – Bass
Stephen Baker – Vocals
Marianne Heikkinen – Drums
Mici Ehnqvist – Guitar

Frozen Factory in short..

We make thoughtful and atmospheric alternative rock that explores themes of compassion and empathy. We grew up listening to artists such as Alice In Chains, Rage Against The Machine, Iron Maiden, Depeche Mode, Muse and Pink Floyd and continue to explore new performers. We are influenced by progressive personalities and artists outside of music too. Expect vivid mental imagery as the musical moods shift with echoes of our complex human lives.

Frozen Factory is based in Helsinki, Finland.

We released our debut album ‘Planted Feet’ on June 12th, 2020 which we have followed up with a series of singles from December 2020 until mid-2021; These culminated in our recent EP titled ‘The First Liquidation EP’. We’ll be following the EP with new singles from our second album due by early 2022. The EP and the second album will not share any common tracks.


We started spontaneously in December 2018 as four men joining a sound engineer in Lahti, Finland to enjoy a free studio day. There was no real plan and no expectations, only the rumours of good music penned by our own Tomi Hassinen, a composer and multi-instrumentalist with a bass guitar.

We had enlisted Tomi’s old pal Asa Nyman and online contact Ozzy Slant to lay down guitars and vocals. Ultimately the results formed into a 3 track single entitled ‘Frozen Factory’. Tomi and Eetu were energised and convinced that the future was as a band. Asa and Ozzy however, were not available to continue from this point. The release of singles ‘Ruthless’ and ‘Stay Forever’ on YouTube in March 2019 coincided with our online search for a singer which was almost immediately answered by British singer Stephen Baker who said he’s inspired by what he’s hearing.

We soon knew that Stephen and Tomi were destined to team up. In the following days, waves of productivity flowed between us and new demos with a deeper sense of meaning began to take shape. Together we forged plans to make Frozen Factory’s debut album themed around humanity’s struggles to live peacefully and sustainably. After we started recording drums in the late spring we added Mici, a slick guitarist and a long time friend of Tomi’s on lead guitar.

We spent the rest of 2019 recording our debut album whilst filming music videos when possible. We performed live for the first time together at Vernissa in Vantaa, Finland. That gig was filmed in full and is available to watch here. After two singles our debut album ‘Planted Feet’ was released on June 12th 2020.

During summer 2020 we agreed mutually with Eetu to part ways. We soon found Marianne Heikkinen’s drumming videos online and it was immediately clear that we needed to team up. Marianne was officially announced into the band in July after which we played several live dates and recorded tracks for some future releases. In May 2021, we released our first full record with this new line-up titled ‘The First Liquidation EP’. Despite having 8 tracks, the record clocks in at under 30 minutes, and the band felt it was a short experimental project rather than an album. The EP is a further development into atmospheric and emotional themes, leading naturally into the second album, which is already written. Album two should appear on your radar by early 2022.